Summer Series: Blessed

A message series on The Beatitudes

Join us this summer for a transformative journey as we explore "The Beatitudes" from the Sermon on the Mount, delivered by Jesus on the Korazim Plateau in Northern Israel.

Beginning the first weekend of June, our new sermon series, "Blessed," will delve into these twelve powerful verses in Matthew 5:3-12, where Jesus describes a sacred delight and blessedness from God that transcends life's circumstances.

In addition to the sermons, we're excited to offer a raffle for 2 tickets to an Aviators baseball game (Friday, Sept 6 at 7:05pm) or a Study Bible. You can qualify in one of two ways:

-Memorize the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) and let us know by emailing the church office (

-Submit a comment below about your favorite Beatitude and why by June 14th.

Walk with us and experience peace and joy. Invite a friend and join us for this special series.